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The Sorbetto Champagne Glass

The Sorbetto Champagne Glass

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In the golden embrace of an Italian summer, where the sun stretches its fingers across the vibrant landscape and the air hums with the whispers of amore, a champagne glass is born. Inspired by the vivid colours of gelato, our Sorbetto Champagne Glass captures the essence of la dolce vita, with all the elegance and warmth of those timeless Mediterranean nights.

Crafted with a reverence for tradition, this champagne glass embodies the artistry of Italian summers, where each sip is a taste of paradise. Its delicate curves evoke the playfulness of a lemon sorbet, the effervescence of a spritz, and the timeless allure of a summer evening in Rome.

As you raise this glass to your lips, you'll feel the spirit of Italy wash over you. A symphony of colours dances along its surface, reflecting the radiant hues of a seaside sunset, the flirtatious pinks of strawberry gelato, and the refreshing greens of a sea breeze. With every toast, you're transported to the enchanting streets of Florence, the candlelit canals of Venice, and the sun-kissed cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

Whether you're celebrating life's grandest moments or simply savoring a quiet evening on your own balcony, this champagne glass transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. It's a reminder that life, like an Italian summer, is meant to be celebrated, savored, and cherished.

Raise your glass, and let the spirit of Italian summers flow through you, as you make every moment a memory. Salute to the sweet life!


100% Borosilicate glass


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